Ham Radio Club Speaking

One of my greatest joys in ham radio is to lecture at ham club meetings on how hams can work with, or at least tolerate, local government planners. I happen to know a bit about this given that my day job involves serving as a local government planner and attorney focusing on telecom issues, including wireless ordinances that (almost always) exclude ham radio operations.

One of my favorite and most requested lectures is: “I’m from the Government (Planning Department) and I’m Here!”  Most recently I presented that lecture to the Pasadena Radio Club in April, 2017.  It was very well received. If you’d like to see the slides from that lecture, just CLICK HERE.

If you are a meeting planner for a ham radio club in the ARRL Southwest Division and you’d like me to present the “…from the Government…” lecture at an upcoming meeting please CONTACT ME USING THIS FORM.


Jonathan, W6JLK